Day 9: Bouchs to Flüeli-Ranft

Today we are heading to the second of the two most sacred pilgrim destinations in Switzerland: The hermit-home of St Nicholas/Brüder Klaus.

Due to technical difficulties, namely really bad internet at tonight’s hotel (causing the loss of many updates) today’s blog will just be a series of pictures, Perhaps that is appropriate having just traveled the Bruder Klaus Weg where silence and contemplation is encouraged. So until tomorrow.

Bis Morgen!

(Possible update later)

5 thoughts on “Day 9: Bouchs to Flüeli-Ranft

  1. Cannot tell you how many long travelogues have been lost because of internet failures in rural locations or undeveloped countries. I empathize! Meanwhile who is that skeleton standing oh so close to the woman with the mirror……there must be a story there! Onward!


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