Day 8: Brunnen to Bouchs

This morning at 6:00 was beautiful (views from our hotel balcony).

Perhaps a good omen for today’s walk. As we wait for the boat, we have the opportunity to chat with a couple of German pilgrims heading to Interlaken; it is amazing how easy it is to converse in Hochdeutsch after struggling with Schweizerdeutsch.

We set out from the Brunnen harbor as pilgrims have for centuries for the short crossing of Lake Lucerne to Trieb.

Trieb has historically been a safe harbor in more than one sense: first as a refuge for boatmen from sudden storms on the lake, but from at least the 15th century the local inn was recognized as a place of refuge for pursued criminals (rebuilt in 1659).

Some of our fellow pilgrims choose to take the funicular from Trieb up to Seeslisberg, but we choose the more difficult traditional path that climbs up beneath the cliffs along the lake.

The path is steep at times, but it has wonderful views of the Vierwaldstättersee and the surrounding mountains (we are slowly leaving our friends the Mythens behind – hard to believe we were right next to them two days ago).

The path eventually leads into the woods directly under the cliffs. The trail is narrow and steep (in places), but just another example of the Swiss building walking trails through the mountains.

After a few hours we finally reach the top of the climb and approach the town of Emmentten.

As we approach Emmetten, we stop at the St. Anna Kappel. Inside we find a display recognizing the pilgrims that pass through.

And also an interesting fresco on the chapel wall.

After Emmetten, we are faced with a steep descent down to the lake, one that definitely tests the knees.

Finally we make it to the bottom.

The town of Breckenried turns out to be a pilgrim stamp goldmine and we gather three.

it is also a good time to stop for a well deserved break and lunch.

And finally into Bouchs to find our hotel and rest for the night.

5 thoughts on “Day 8: Brunnen to Bouchs

  1. I always wanted to spend a couple of nights in Gersau across the lake from you. Saw it from the lake boats and always thought it looked nice. Of course, all the places along the lake look nice . . . this is Switzerland after all!!!

    BTW, that “hill” you boys climbed today, looks long and tiring!


  2. Absolutely Switzerland eye popping beauty. Seems like your legs, knees and feet aren’t so painful, hope that is the case!


  3. Loved the St. Anna Kappel. Who would of guessed Day of the Dead was in Switzerland as well as Mexico!!!!


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