Day 23: Versoix to Geneve – And On To France!

Considering yesterday’s experience, we jumpstart today’s walk with a train ride to Chambésy.

And after a couple of miles of morning commuter road walking, we are very glad we did!

Along the way we did take in a few sights, but the constant traffic and noise was quite annoying.

Finally we dodge down away from the main thoroughfare and into a quiet chateau grounds

Well, here we are in Geneva, with tons of traffic, almost there, but what?? No water spout to great us? Oh well.

And right in here we meet up again with Martin (remember the Pilger we met in the rain our third day?).

Passing through Carouge, the Greenwich Village of Geneva, we are focused on our goal.

We leapfrog with Martin right up to about a quarter of a mile from the border, then we part: he has much farther to go!

In parting, he congratulated us, and said we should be very proud of our accomplishment. Reid clarified: “you mean for old guys?” He laughed and said yeah! Young whipper-snapper!

After a brief rest, we head down the last stretch to the French border.

Backtracking a quarter mile or so, we eventually catch a bus and a tram back to the city center, and a well-deserved sit down before we find our hotel.

We did it!

11 thoughts on “Day 23: Versoix to Geneve – And On To France!

  1. Congratulations to you both for a job well done!! Loved all the photos and it reminded us of our time living in the Nyon area.


  2. Felicidades amigos! What an incredible adventure you two shared. I appreciate your willingness to treat us with your experiences! Bravo!!


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