Day 20: Moudon to Lausanne

Sorry about missing yesterday’s post, but just as we were reviewing the final draft WordPress decided to delete everything. After a nearly 20 mile walk we were too beat for a do-over, so now we will try to catch up with a leaner version.

Our hotel in Moudon was down by the river and railway station, so we set out to climb through the upper town.

We stop to fill our water bottles at one of the fountains. The house next to it is especially beautiful.

Most of the day involved walking around or through farm fields that are much larger than ones we have been used to.

If anyone is interested, the mystery crop from the previous day was rapeseed (thanks to Bruce for helping to identify it). It looks good next to the red poppies.

Then through the clouds we see large mountains in the distance, certainly in France though Lake Geneva remains hidden.

We did have a few creek crossings (with steep up and downs) and at the bottom of we found a Australian Shepherd playing in the water…made Mark a little homesick!

Finally we catch a glimpse of Lac Léman.

There is quite a lot of suburb-walking to do as we approached Lausanne, but in the middle of a small forrest we come upon a tall double- helix tower.

Reid decides to climb it to confirm the lake sighting.

Mark wisely chooses to guard the packs.

Finally descended to the old city we find our way to the Notre Dame Cathedral, to get our passports stamped to be sure, but really to visit the tomb of Otto de Grandson, perhaps the most important Swiss historical figure no one seems to have heard of. Living to be 90, he was a confidant of kings, a leader of Crusaders, a Templar knight and (perhaps?) the Father of Switzerland!

You will find a detailed but rather dry account of his remarkable life on Wikipedia (it is worth the read for anyone with the time and interest). A much more entertaining take on Sir Otto is provided by author and blogger Grigor Fedan, who connects the dots between kings, popes, Templars, crusaders and Swiss peasants to discovers the “true” roots of the independence and founding of Switzerland! Conspiracy theorists out there will love this: Otto de Grandson – Swiss Templar

Our hotel is a little hard to find, and the four flights of stairs are daunting at the end of the day, and there is no breakfast tomorrow because it will be Sunday, but we made it.

2 thoughts on “Day 20: Moudon to Lausanne

  1. What a journey! Have been following from day 1 and thought I would weigh in with a comment or two;
    First when I grow up I want to be just like you guys: brothers on a great adventure!
    Second: love the narrative and scenery photos. Love the one of Mark from the double helix as shot by Reid. If you recall it reminds me if one of our shared religious stories “Peter, I can see your house from here”


  2. My great great grandfather was the pastor at the Lausanne Cathedral in the 1840-1850’s. Maybe you saw their house, the Porta-Chavannes house behind the Cathedral? 🙃 Now on to Rolle, and I am really hoping you walk close to the house we lived in……the little village of Luins on the Route des Vignobles going to Nyon. Or maybe on the lake road? Loving all your photos and narrative!


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