Day 19: Resume Walking – Romont to Moudon

This morning we leave Gruyeres by train and return to Romont to resume our walk where we left off.

It is obvious that Romont is a growing place, based on all the construction cranes (but that seems to be true of every town in Switzerland).

Moving along the path we are once again presented with wonderful vistas.

And we come across a farmer with a different way to spread his manure – individual hoses spaced evenly behind his tractor providing a more controlled application and much less chance of backsplash on innocent hikers!

And then more fields (while beautiful, the walk was mostly over and around fields today). As an aside, if anyone can identify this crop, please let us know – we have no clue what it is and there are large fields of it that we have been walking for days.

And then more scenery.

And why would there be a picture of a rock you say? Well, this stone apparently migrated (with some help from a glacier) from way up valley.

And on we go.

Under the birch trees, castles in the distance.

After a fairly easy day’s walk, we reach our destination for the night, the medieval town of Moudon.

For our friend Maria, who was asking for pictures of cheese, here is one from the local COOP (grocery) store.

And what about a cheese Automat?

Since our hotel is right next to the church, Mark will sleep well with the bells chiming every quarter hour.

Tomorrow will be a longer day, but will end on the shore of Lake Geneva!

6 thoughts on “Day 19: Resume Walking – Romont to Moudon

  1. Looking forward to your time along Lac Leman and wondering how close you will be to where we lived in Switzerland! Love all the scenery you have walked in and through as well as the small medieval villages….


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