Day 17: Posieux to Romont – Train To Gruyere

Today’s walk will end at the walled town of Romont, where we will leave the path for a side-pilgrimage to the village of Gruyere. But first we have to get there.

There was rain overnight, so the morning is reasonably clear and cool. We are again reminded how the landscape and farming has changed from just a few days ago.

The path leads around a small airport and the end of the runway before entering a wooded section. We are surprised to see that there are no fences, other than the cow fences, to keep anyone from walking across the runway (not a smart idea, but you could if you wanted to).

And then more awful scenery.

In the small village of Farvagny outside of Posat we walk past a small chapel with scallop shapes surrounding the door.

On the side is a small fountain, and we stop to refill our water bottles.

Farther along we pass through a small wood and a beautiful stream. The day has gotten warmer, so the time in the woods is much appreciated.

And then it is into the fields again.

Along the road we encounter not a bee hive, but an entire bee house. Apparently the beekeeper can access all of the hives within the single house. It was certainly active with bees!

And it was a good day to spray the “Mist”. We passed a number of fields being actively sprayed, or just recently sprayed.

Eventually we approach Romont perched on the top of a hill.

We first come to the Cistercian Abbey at the foot of the hill and get our stamps. Then we face the climb up to the old town.

Romont is a beautifully preserved medieval walled town, so before departing for Gruyere we take a quick look around.

Unfortunately a thunderstorm is approaching, shops are shuttering, and we are suddenly in a hurry to get down to the Bahnhof.

Consequently we guggenheim the castle and renowned glass museum. This is a very appealing place, and it would be a pleasure to spend more time exploring. Though we will return in a couple of days to pick the trail up where we left off, it is unlikely we will climb back up that hill! We just outpaced the storm, and now it’s off to catch the train to a rest day Cheese Land!

One thought on “Day 17: Posieux to Romont – Train To Gruyere

  1. Man-oh-man….some of today’s pics are postcard worthy….great photography gentlemen! Looking forward to hearing about CheeseLand. Hugs MZ


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