Day 14: Return to Spiez – Continue the Road to Blumenstein

I preface this post (this is Reid grumble-barking) by saying that WordPress is a piece of crap – you spend 45 minutes updating the page, saving it regularly, and then it loses it all. Beware any future WordPress users!

This morning we reverse our course down the mountains, but before doing so, we get one last look at the Eiger. It looks like an air strike on Kleine Scheidigg, but really only the sunrise.

Once back in Spiez we pick up the trail just where we left it, at the Spiez Castle and church.

Inside we final an interesting alter, perhaps to Harley Davidson?

Our goal today is Blumenstein, a very small village with very limited accommodation. Luckily for us Reid made a connection months ago with the hosts of Casa Sotero, a small B&B right where we need it! He was told that no English is spoken, but we should get along fine with German and Spanish!

But first we have to get there.

The landscape is changing dramatically, and our feet and legs appreciate it!

Kind of turning into horse country. It is Sunday, so quite a few riders out today.

They are slowly receding, but the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are still with us.

Finally we reach are destination for the night, Blumenstein.

And just to reconfirm a feeling we had back in Mürren: we are glad to be out of Touristlandia! At dinner tonight we were again the only non-Swiss in the place. In fact, this has been so for 14 out of the last 15 days!

On our walk back from dinner, we get one last look at our mountain friends.

And so to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day.

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Return to Spiez – Continue the Road to Blumenstein

  1. AGREED about WordPress. [2 stars out of 5, and that’s a gift]
    But you brave on, as with The Walk, and we salute your tenacity and bravery…
    with both the website and the trek.


  2. Hi Mark and Reid – I am enjoying the humor and story telling very much! Stay safe and keep the daily updates coming. Hugs to you both. Marie


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