Day 9 Updated – Bouchs to Flüeli-Ranft

Our last attempt at this post was a disaster, so now that we have a rest day we will do a small update. Here are a handful of photos from that day that are worth a revisit.

Leaving Bouchs we had a climb up to the next substantial town, Stans. Along the way we investigated a couple of interesting chapels.

Also some very elaborate woodpiles.

Coming into Stans we started to notice a theme: skeletons and death. And by the time we got to the town square there was no doubt. Standing in the center, just by the cathedral, stood Death and the Maiden! But wait! Inside the church we found another bejeweled skeleton.

Further along in the town of Kerns we passed a self-serve way station for pilgrims, complete with water, juices, dried fruit and local cheese. Just take what you want and leave the appropriate amount of money.

Almost to our destination we visited another chapel with a painting of Bruder Klaus.

And so we walked until reaching St. Niklausen, where we found more death themes.

And finally into Flüeli-Ranft with its chapels and their surprises.

Finally in town we found our lodging in the gasthaus, and enjoyed the view out our window.

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